Interactive Grid calculations and validations

This article is the continuation of my series about Interactive Grids. I’ve started with simple button customization, dived little bit deeper into the Interactive Grids javascript model and all the other control options, which are given to us there and finally it’s time to look on the Interactive Grid itself. I faced somewhat difficult problem, which I’d be able to solve with JavaScript and HTML quite easily, but not in the way, that would satisfy me in our APEX application. From the solution of this problem came the idea for this article. I hope it’ll be helpful for somebody someday.

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Interactive Grids more customization

Previous article about customization of interactive grids was about updating the default buttons, their look and text. Not even week passed, when I was in need to add some explanation text to the toolbar of interactive grid. Obviously there was always option to use jQuery and DOM modification, but I didn’t know how that will behave on the region only refresh and so on. Thus I decided to fulfil at least partly my promise and dig little bit deeper into the JavaScript of interactive grids.

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Interactive Grids button’s customization

One of the features I always hated in the previous versions of APEX (before 5) were tabular forms. I never got then, they were always behaving funky, it was hard to debug and I preferred to write dynamic tabular forms by myself then with the built in functionality. It changed with the release of Interactive Grids with the Oracle APEX version 5.

When I’ve started working with them it was in the English speaking company and I didn’t face the problem I had later in Czech company, where I wanted to customize or translate buttons. It was not difficult to understand words like “edit” or “save” for users, but I wanted to have consistency in these buttons across the whole application.

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