Anime Fall 2016 [Post Season]

After the last anime season (Summer 2016) I have done this kind of round-up of anime series what I watched. It was quite well received so I have decided to continue this work and make it again.

As last time – before I will dump here every show I watched and it finished it’s airing by the end of Anime Fall 2016 Season, I have to say, that everything below is purely subjective – even the more objective points like animation or sound quality will go hand-to-hand with my feelings and my preferences. So if you want to comment below the article because I have sh*t talked about your beloved show – please feel free to do so, but be respectful of my opinion and I will be respectful of yours. In addition I have normal day-to-day work to do, wife and other life stuff so I’m not capable of watching everything – especially if it’s sequel of something I haven’t seen before, therefore if you cannot find show you watched here it simply means that it did not sound good to me, I missed it or it is simply not my genre (e.g. there are few exceptions, but generally I do not watch shorts).

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