Anime vs. Manga: Orange

Ohayou! I’m Stinolez and you found my very first article of Anime vs. Manga. I wanted to do this type of articles for a long time, but I haven’t found any good starting point. Recently I have read manga of Orange, which I saw in the Summer 2016 season and I thought – yes, this might do. I will try to make this spoiler free, but consider yourself warned.

Disclaimer: From both media I’m almost exclusively anime consumer and thus I do not consider myself to be expert or even proficient in manga, but I will try to do it just. As well you can probably see that English is not my native language so there might be some mistakes – if you have already read my other articles, you are probably already used to it, otherwise thanks for overlooking that.

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Convention: Eirtakon 2016 (4th – 6th November 2016)

Greetings to all fellow anime fans. Are you somewhere near Dublin or are you planning to visit Ireland during the following weekend of 4th – 6th November? Do you have free time and want to spend it with some other fans of anime, manga, games and other related stuff? Come and visit Eirtakon 2016 – the biggest anime convention in Ireland, this year for the last time.


Organization stuff

Where: Croke Park Convention Center, Dublin, Ireland

When: 4th – 6th November 2016




About convention

Eirtakon is the largest and longest-running anime (Japanese animation) and manga convention in Ireland, held every year by a dedicated volunteer committee put in place by the DCU Anime & Manga Society.

As I suggested above – this will be for the last time. After more than 12 years this will be the last Eirtakon – reason and more explanation can be found here. Even though I have been living in Ireland since May 2014 I only heard about this convention early in 2015 so I have attended only once so far, but it was a blast. I cannot remember when was the last time I was at convention and had problem to choose the right schedule – not because there was nothing good to see, quite opposite – there was too much and sometimes I wanted to double or triple myself just to catch everything I wanted. And this year will be the same.

Just the line-up of the special guest, where you have Luci Christian (voice actress for Nami from One Piece, Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist and more), John Swasey (voice actor for Lord Death from Soul Eater, Hoenheim in Fullmetal Alchemist, Hades in Fairy Tale and more) or award-winning game designers John & Brenda Romero.

If you are still not convinced you can see the full schedule here: where you can find the regular programs like Pub Quiz, Blind Date, Eurocosplay, Masquerade or Ball.

Come and make this year unforgettable!