In the last episodes of: Shuumatsu no Izetta (ep. 09 + ep. 10)

Hi there, how have you been for the last two weeks? I had it little bit packed with my mum visiting me for few days and then returning back to play few (or more) hours of Recettear (Capitalism, Ho!!), that I didn’t write the round-up of last episode of Izetta: The last witch. But hey, it has some advantages in the end – this week you will get double bill – two episodes in one article, isn’t it great? To be honest, when I saw the last (9) and the newest (10) episode I think it makes more sense to do my impressions based on both of them. As usual I will first sum up what happened in each of them, trying to not let anything what happened in ep. 10 effect the roundup of ep. 9, just in case you came here to read about that episode and you haven’t seen the last one yet. If that is true, I will then recommend you to watch the last episode before you will read my impression because there I will be probably jumping between episodes and it would be hard to distinguish what is safe for you in the terms of spoilers and what not.

Anyway – you’re here probably not for my pre-talk so without further ado…

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