Anime Fall 2016 [Post Season]

After the last anime season (Summer 2016) I have done this kind of round-up of anime series what I watched. It was quite well received so I have decided to continue this work and make it again.

As last time – before I will dump here every show I watched and it finished it’s airing by the end of Anime Fall 2016 Season, I have to say, that everything below is purely subjective – even the more objective points like animation or sound quality will go hand-to-hand with my feelings and my preferences. So if you want to comment below the article because I have sh*t talked about your beloved show – please feel free to do so, but be respectful of my opinion and I will be respectful of yours. In addition I have normal day-to-day work to do, wife and other life stuff so I’m not capable of watching everything – especially if it’s sequel of something I haven’t seen before, therefore if you cannot find show you watched here it simply means that it did not sound good to me, I missed it or it is simply not my genre (e.g. there are few exceptions, but generally I do not watch shorts).

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In the last episode of: Shuumatsu no Izetta (ep. 12 – Final)

So here we are with the last article in the series about Izetta: The last witch. I finished the last episode with bittersweet taste in my mouth. It was great episode and loved the way how they ended all the stuff, but in the same time I’m little bit sad, because I was simply attached to some of the characters and I wanted to see more of it. Overall I enjoyed this anime. It isn’t definitely the highlight of this season since there were moments, which ruined the show for me, but overall it was decent show and I was glad I watched it and decided to write about it. This last episode was all over the place, they jumped from one place to another so I will try to tidy it up little bit, but we will see how it goes. But without further ado, let’s dive into the last episode…

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In the last episode of: Shuumatsu no Izetta (ep. 11)

Hello. Hope you had lovely week and now you are ready for the second last episode of Izetta: The Last Witch. We are almost done, just hold on for one more week and we can close this series and jump onto another in the next season. About this week’s episode – if I do not count the small action in the bunker, it was pretty (action) slow episode, but I expected that much, since we are close to the finale. The article about next episode will be probably somewhat around 22. – 23. December, due the fact I will be away for the next few days. But as usual, without further ado, let’s dive in…

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In the last episodes of: Shuumatsu no Izetta (ep. 09 + ep. 10)

Hi there, how have you been for the last two weeks? I had it little bit packed with my mum visiting me for few days and then returning back to play few (or more) hours of Recettear (Capitalism, Ho!!), that I didn’t write the round-up of last episode of Izetta: The last witch. But hey, it has some advantages in the end – this week you will get double bill – two episodes in one article, isn’t it great? To be honest, when I saw the last (9) and the newest (10) episode I think it makes more sense to do my impressions based on both of them. As usual I will first sum up what happened in each of them, trying to not let anything what happened in ep. 10 effect the roundup of ep. 9, just in case you came here to read about that episode and you haven’t seen the last one yet. If that is true, I will then recommend you to watch the last episode before you will read my impression because there I will be probably jumping between episodes and it would be hard to distinguish what is safe for you in the terms of spoilers and what not.

Anyway – you’re here probably not for my pre-talk so without further ado…

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Anime vs. Manga: Orange

Ohayou! I’m Stinolez and you found my very first article of Anime vs. Manga. I wanted to do this type of articles for a long time, but I haven’t found any good starting point. Recently I have read manga of Orange, which I saw in the Summer 2016 season and I thought – yes, this might do. I will try to make this spoiler free, but consider yourself warned.

Disclaimer: From both media I’m almost exclusively anime consumer and thus I do not consider myself to be expert or even proficient in manga, but I will try to do it just. As well you can probably see that English is not my native language so there might be some mistakes – if you have already read my other articles, you are probably already used to it, otherwise thanks for overlooking that.

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